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    Own EMC measuring cabin for KAG

    At the beginning of the year, Kählig Antriebstechnik has installed an EMC GTEM cell, with which measurements during development interference radiations of the motors can be carried out.

    Own EMC measuring cabin for KAG
  • Applications

    Examples of applications with KAG drives

    For 40 years, KAG has been standing for sophisticated, customised and permanently reliable drive solutions for EC and DC motor already up from 2.5 watts.

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  • Agriculture

    We promote the Agricultural Economy

    Because more and more land is being taken over from food production
    for crops for renewable energy, the agricultural output will double in the coming twenty years.

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  • Medical Technology

    Drives for servicing people

    The requirements of the ageing society increase, and thus, simple, reliable, but also comfortable solutions are demanded. As a result, new requirements on drive technology arise, too.

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  • Access Automation

    We are driving accessibility

    Automatically opening elevator doors, turnstiles and sliding doors have become vital in our everyday life. No public building or shopping centre nowadays refrains from using the automated door technology. Also in the private domain, there is a growing trend towards more comfort. For this purpose, reliable and space-saving drive systems must be provided.

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  • Leisure Drives

    We are bringing motion into life

    Besides work, leisure time and its organisation is an important part in the life of every human. To shape one’s free time as high quality and fulfilling as possible, this is everybody’s goal. Here, particularly sports activities are at the focus.

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Kählig Antriebstechnik ...

... is synonymous with sophisticated, custom-made, consistently reliable drive solutions for EC and DC motors with ratings from 2.5 W upwards..

To this end our engineers have been developing, designing and producing high-quality motors for over 40 years. Using our own prototyping facilities, a state-of-the-art laboratory and our specially developed testing processes, some of which are unique worldwide, the Kählig workforce is dedicated to the fast and flexible development of customer-specific drive solutions.

Our 160-strong team undertakes the successful development and economic production of mechatronic drives in small (from 50 pcs.), medium (from 1000 pcs.) and large (up to 200,000 pcs/year) batches.