Encoders or incremental encoders are electromagnetic elements that work in drive technology by generating signals from a movement. There are two different versions available from KAG. Optical encoders as well as magnetic encoders. They are available as add-on components to your drive solution from KAG.

Optical encoders

An optical encoder uses light detectors, an optical grating, and a light source to convert an angular position or motion into an electrical signal. The advantages of using this encoder are the high resolution and the high accuracy.

Features of the optical encoders

The optical encoders or incremental encoders from KAG work with a forked light barrier and a partially translucent or slotted disk. They are characterized by high resolution as well as pulse counts. All encoders have 2 channels, 90° phase shift, and are TTL compatible. Optionally, a third channel with an index pulse is also possible. Another possibility is the use of differential outputs (line drivers) for longer supply lines or environments with increased noise levels.

  • Contactless and wear-free optical incremental encoder
  • The encoder supplies two TTL-compatible square-wave signals with a phase shift of 110 °
  • Mating connector e.g. Molex connector 5-pin type 5051 with contacts type 2759
  • Optional: reference pulse
  • Operating voltage = 5V
  • For further information, please refer to the respective data sheet

Our optical encoders at a glance

Optical encoder
IGO x / 2 IGO x / 2 RU IGO x / 2 SN IGO x / 3
Number of pulses per revolution and channel 100/200/500 (others on request) 100/200/300 100 500/1000
Number of channels 2 2 2 3
Supply voltage [V] 5 ± 10% 5 ± 10% 5 ± 10% 5 ± 10%
Current consumption [mA] 17 typ. (40 max.) 15 typ. (18 max.) 5 typ. (20 max.) 57 typ. (85 max.)
Output voltage
High-level [V]
min. 2.4 (IoH max. -40μA) min. 2.4 (IoH max. -0.2μA) min. 2.4 (IoH max. -10μA) min. 2.4 (IoH max. -200μA)
Output voltage Low-Level [V] max. 0.4 (IoL = 3.2 mA) max. 0.4 (IoL = 8 mA) max. 0.4 (IoL = 8 mA) max. 0.4 (IoL = 3.86 mA)
Rise time [ns] 200 * 500 * N / A 180 *
Fall time [ns] 50 * 100 * N / A 49 *
Temperature range [° C] -40… 100 -10… 85 0… 70 -40… 100
For DC motors M42 / M48 M36 M42 / M48 M42 / M48
For EC motors ECM42 / ECM48 ECM42 / ECM48

Magnetic encoders

Next to the optical encoders or incremental encoders are the magnetic encoders. Here, magnetic field sensors are used to determine the angular position. The magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet is measured by the sensor. These encoders are preferred for applications where a robust design is required.

Characteristics of a magnetic encoder

The magnetic encoders are characterized by a contactless and wear-free magnetic incremental encoder. This is equipped with Hall sensors and a permanent magnet pole wheel with alternating polarities. There is a 1-channel and a 2-channel version, each with a 90° phase offset. The output level depends on the supply voltage (5V-24V). The output of the encoder is available either with a pull-up resistor or optionally with an open collector. In addition, extended protection circuits or an integrated design are possible.

  • Contactless and wear-free working magnetic incremental encoder
  • Amplitude depending on the operating voltage
  • Open collector output
  • Integrated pull-up resistors
  • Operating voltage = 4.5V – 24V
  • Integrated version (IGMi) possible LineDriver function possible (LD)
  • For further information, please refer to the respective data sheet

Our magnetic encoders at a glance

Magnetic encoder
IGMi x / y IGM x / y IGM x / y LD
Number of pulses per revolution and channel 4/12 1 * / 2/4/8/12/15 * 8/16/32/64/128/264/512/1024
Number of channels 1/2 1/2 A / B / I
Supply voltage [V] 4 – 24 5 – 24 5 – 24
Current consumption [mA] 2 – 4.5 7-13 70 – 90
Output voltage
High-level [V]
Vcc- (Iload * 4.7 kOhm) Vcc- (Iload * 4.7 kOhm) min. 2.5
Output voltage Low-Level [V] max. 0.5 max. 0.4 max. 0.5
Rise time [ns] 200 1400 5
Fall time [ns] 100 60 5
Temperature range [° C] -40… 100 -40… 100 -20… 85
For DC motors M42 / M48 / M50 M42 / M48 / M50 M42 / M48 / M50
For EC motors ECM42 / ECM48 ECM42 / ECM48

Your suitable encoder from KAG

In addition to our many years of experience and a wide range of services, we also distinguish ourselves by meeting customer requirements to the highest satisfaction. If you have any questions in order to find the right encoder for your solution, we will be happy to assist you and always take your requirements into account when developing the right solution.

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