Drives for agricultural technology

Agriculture on the move

Farmland is a scarce resource. While the population is growing unstoppably,
the quantity of agriculturally usable areas remains near-constant.

Since the use of renewable energies from agricultural products is increasing and taking up more and more farmland in addition to food production, agricultural production must nearly double in the next twenty years. Our drives for agricultural technology support this progress and help secure the future supply of agricultural goods. KAG drives are designed specifically for the rough areas in agriculture. The motors, usually designed for 12 V, have high degrees of protection, which makes it possible to use them outdoors easily and also allows cleaning them with high-pressure water.

Special surface refinement protects the drives from aggressive media, such as fertilisers or hydraulic oil. On request, the drives can be painted to the customer’s CI colors and specifications.

To meet the request of digitalisation in agriculture, we have dealt with decentralised, bus-capable drives early on and now offer diverse solutions for brushed and brushless motors. Our CAN-bus-capable electronic circuits can be controlled via the standardised protocols CANopen and J1939 protocol or via special protocols. Additionally, we can integrate the external measuring data and monitoring functions of the system into electronics.

The use of special cables, such as hybrid cables with robust connectors in the high protection class simplifies connecting enormously and is ready to face nearly any demand.

Use of the most modern drives

in harvesting machines

  • Very small drive with vibration resilience
  • Motor-shaft on the output side with ball bearing
  • Lifetime-tested

in fertiliser spreaders

  • High protection class
  • Gear shaft with special coating, suitable for many fertilisers
  • Combined motor and encoder line in one cable
  • Integrated magnetic incremental encoder

in potato planting machines

  • Compact build by radial cable outlet incl. sprayed-on O-ring seal
  • Closed brush-side bearing shield
  • Tired and tested in field use
  • Resistant KTL housing

Seeding machines

  • Plug & play solution
  • Special gear flange for direct mounting at the seeding unit; protection type IP65
  • Integrated electronics with CAN-bus control and cost-efficient plastic cover
  • Customer-specific cable with sprayed-on cable seal for electronics

in pneumatic drills

  • Robust design
  • Integrated magnetic incremental encoder
  • Simple connection of the drive with mounted and sealed connector

in micro granulate spreaders

  • Angle gear for direct assembly in the application
  • High protection class
  • Integrated electronics can be controlled via CAN-bus

KAG motors can be found in:

  • Seed dosing units
  • Screen adjustments of threshers
  • Agitators of fertiliser spreaders
  • Seed separation systems
  • Potato separators in potato planting machines
  • Milking robots
  • Flow systems for aquacultures
  • Hydraulic systems Lab units for quality control of grain and seed

Your benefits as a KAG customer:

  • Easy to use on the field by high protection class and surface refinement in corporate design
  • No downtimes since our drives are vibration-resilient
  • Plug & play hybrid cables and connectors according to your needs
  • Precise control of your processes by good controllability of our drives with customised incremental encoders
  • Local control possible through integrated electronic circuits that communicate with a job computer digitally, via PWM signal, or via CAN-bus

Our adjustment options:

  • Individual adjustment of the characteristic curve of the motor
  • Individual mechanical attachment
  • Various attachment components
  • Individual cables
  • IP-protection matching your application

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