Drives for Medical Technology

In service of people and life

Health requires medicine technology. Due to demographic change, innovative medicine-technology devices are needed more and more.

The needs of the aging society increase and demand simple and reliable, as well as comfortable solutions. This leads to new demands to drive technology.

We, KAG, are already active today in many areas of medicine and rehabilitation technology. From rescue to preserving human lives to the restoration of health, we are represented in many great different applications with our motors and drive solutions.

Good control properties within a larger control area and the high efficiency of our drives ensure the availability and performance of medical systems. Complex integrated EMC filters for compliance with strict standards in medical technology.

Mobile systems remain usable for longer periods of time thanks to the low current consumption of our drives and the connected longer battery service lives.

Use of the most modern drives

In operating tables

  • Winding design for high speeds, bilateral shaft end for screw gear assembly
  • Axial fixation for high arising axial loads of the gears

in pumps

  • Bearing-shield design for direct assembly to the customer’s pump housings
  • Special holding angle for installation in the outer pump housing
  • Narrow tolerances in the drive design for stabilising pump power

in dialysis devices

  • Noise-optimised
  • Special shaft for direct assembly of the pump
  • Integrated RFI suppression elements for reducing interference emission

in centrifuges

  • Customer-specific magnetic incremental encoder
  • Holding plates for upright installation of the drive in the centrifuge
  • The special shaft contour permits direct assembly of the centrifuge pot on the motor shaft
  • High speeds in the 5-digit range

in stairlifts

  • Integrated RFI suppression elements for reducing interference emission
  • Mechanical motor interface for direct assembly to the customer’s gear
  • Noise-optimised

in person lifts

  • Winding with reinforced mechanical attachment for short-term overload and increased speeds
  • Safety holding brake with emergency hand venting

KAG motors can be found in:

  • Dialysis devices
  • Operating tables
  • Operating ceiling systems (lamps and implement carriers)
  • Positioning arms for X-ray tubes
  • Radiation protection and hermetically sealing doors
  • Secretion suction devices
  • Centrifuges
  • Fully automatic analysis and preparation systems
  • Devices for eye surgery
  • Dental technology, e.g. amalgam cutters and patient chairs
  • Birth preparation dolls
  • Breast milk pumps
  • RTW-carrying table insert
  • RTW-doors
  • Electrical stretchers on wheels
  • Person lift systems
  • Patient and stairlifts
  • Arm and leg trainers in the rehabilitation area
  • Mobilisers and massage devices

Your benefits as a KAG customer:

  • Direct device integration with customer-specific cables and plugs
  • Complex integrated EMC filters for compliance with strict standards in medicine technology
  • Energy-saving and longer battery lifetimes due to lower power consumption
  • Silent devices through noise-optimised drives
  • Diverse attachments such as smoothly running gears and high-resolution incremental encoders

Our adjustment options:

  • Individual adjustment of the characteristic curve of the motor
  • Individual mechanical attachment
  • Various attachment components
  • Individual cables
  • IP-protection matching your application

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