Worm gears

Worm gears are used when, for reasons of space, an output shaft offset in order of 90° to the motor axis is required. This type of gear is also quite compact.
Thus, a gear ratio of 60:1 and more is already possible in the single-stage variant. Worm gears are one of the few types of gears that allow self-locking where it is needed. For decades, many door application manufacturers have relied on our gear solutions.

Gear With motor Max. continuous torque
Reduction ratio
SN17 M42 M48 X X X 265 7-75
SN22.6 M42 M48 M50 X X 410 3-40
SN31 X M48 X M63 X 400 7-38
SN40 X X X M63 M80 1500 8-50

Your worm gear
from KAG

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