On the way to greater sustainability

Growth in the area of sustainability management Green electricity, less paper in the office, and reduction of waste in production - KAG is already doing a lot with regard to sustainable development. In the past, this area could not be adequately covered for personnel reasons. Now the KAG has gained a new sustainability manager. Ms. … Read More

Reconstruction measures at KAG

Expansion of the area sample construction/reclamation In the past, our sample construction and reclamation departments shared a very limited space. For this reason, a new room is currently being added to the work area to create more space for the employees. The new room will then accommodate the reclamation department, while the prototyping department will … Read More

KAG welcomes new apprentices

New apprentices in the field of electronics and mechatronics A new phase of life is beginning for two trainees - their apprenticeship at KAG. We are pleased to be able to accompany our new apprentices on their way, as they are now ready to start their working careers. We welcome Mr. Agon Murseli and Mr. … Read More

News in the field of machining

New manager in the machining department In the context of new recruitment, KAG was looking to fill the position of a production employee as a department manager in the area of machining. As a result, Mr. Simon Pape was hired as a new employee for this position as of 01.09.2021. Thus, Mr. Pape will now … Read More

Apprenticeship as technical product designer and start of career at KAG

All the best for passing the exam and welcome to KAG! On August 1, 2018, Mr. Dennis Jannik Liesen started his apprenticeship at KAG as a technical product designer under constant supervision and training by Mr. Alexander Buss. The apprenticeship ended in a shortened form on June 29, 2021, with a successfully passed examination as … Read More

Successful apprenticeship and start of career at KAG

KAG wishes you all the best for passing the examination! On August 1, 2018, Ms. Maria Dorothee Wessel started her apprenticeship at KAG as a mechatronics technician in the field of metal technology under the constant supervision of the apprenticeship manager of KAG, Mr. Stefan Springmann. The apprenticeship ended on June 8, 2021, with a … Read More

Own EMC measuring cabin for KAG

At the beginning of the year, Kählig Antriebstechnik has installed an EMC GTEM cell with which measurements during development interference radiations of the motors can be carried out. Through the use of more and more electronic components in DC motors and applications of the end customers the reduction of interference radiations of drives is becoming … Read More

KAG invests in the future with a new extension building

The production of DC motors is scheduled to begin in the new KAG extension as early as the beginning of 2020. Due to a lack of space and the implementation of new technologies in production, it was necessary to expand the existing production area, resulting in the planning and implementation of a new, two-floor extension. … Read More

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