Export control

Foreign trade is free – the EU is based on this principle. However, it has the right to restrict this freedom in certain cases by means of prohibitions or reservations.

Export controls should:

  • protect the security interests of the individual states
  • ensure the peaceful coexistence of the individual states
  • and protect the foreign relations of the Federal Republic of Germany

Due to the increasingly important role of export controls, we are required to check our products for export-relevant data to the best of our knowledge and belief, and you are also required to adhere to them.

Compliance with the principles of common position 2008/944 / CFSP of the Council of the EU of December 8th, 2008 on the control of the export of military technology and equipment as well as the Council Regulation (EC) No. 428/2009 of May 5th, 2009 on a community regulation for Control of the export, transfer, brokering and transit of dual-use goods is required.
Likewise, compliance with all other applicable economic, trade, or financial sanctions or embargoes of the European Union or the Federal Republic of Germany or other applicable international regulations of foreign trade law.

KAG has implemented processes to monitor all exports for the following purposes,

  • to prevent exports of dual-use products, i.e. products for both civil and military applications that can be used for the development, production, and use of weapons of mass destruction
  • to prevent exports of military products to countries whose behavior poses a threat to international peace and security

We take responsibility for checking whether certain exports of a product, technology, or technical service are subject to export control regulations.

If the European export regulations are violated, civil or criminal law steps can be initiated, e.g. fines, imprisonment, loss of export privileges and revocation of previously approved licenses, confiscation, and loss of goods. Employees who negligently ignore or violate our export regulations must face personal consequences.

Every employee is encouraged to report any ambiguities or concerns to his superior or the export control officer. KAG is obliged to review and address the concerns and ambiguities.

Thank you for your cooperation and your joint commitment to comply with KAG’s export control process.


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