Add-on components

Planetary, worm, and spur gears as well as magnetic encoders, optical encoders, and brakes are available in a wide selection to complement your KAG drive solution. In this way, we can work out a suitable drive combination for you that can be integrated exactly into your existing application.


Some applications require the use of a brake in combination with a motor. KAG can also support you here and combines the right brake for your application with the drive. A distinction is made between quiescent current and working current brakes. If, for example, a load must be held at a standstill via the drive, the addition of a brake is usually a good choice.

Optical encoders

An optical encoder uses light detectors, an optical grating, and a light source to convert an angular position or motion into an electrical signal. The advantages of using this encoder are the high resolution and the high accuracy.

Magnetic encoders

Next to the optical encoders or incremental encoders are the magnetic encoders. Here, magnetic field sensors are used to determine the angular position. The magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet is measured by the sensor. These encoders are preferred for applications where a robust design is required.

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