Some applications require the use of a brake in combination with a motor. KAG can also support you here and combine the right brake for your application with the drive. A distinction is made between quiescent current and working current brakes. If, for example, a load must be held at a standstill via the drive, the addition of a brake is usually a good choice.

Quiescent current brakes / spring-applied brakes

The quiescent current brakes stop when no current is applied – therefore they are also referred to as “power-off brakes”. Thus this type of brake is often used as a safety or holding brake. Quiescent current brakes are available in two different versions. One is a spring-applied brake, the other is a permanent magnet brake.

Type Holding torque [Ncm] Coil voltage [VDC] For DC motors For EC motors
B37 24 24 M42 ECM42
B47 50 24 M42 / M48 / M50 / M63 / M80 ECM42 / ECM48 / ECM63
B56 100 24 M63 / M80 ECM63 / ECM75
B60 100 24 M63 / M80 ECM63 / ECM75

Working current brakes

Working current brakes are only active when current flows – this is how the brakes are also referred to as “power-on brakes”. The working current brakes are available as electromagnetic brakes.

  • Electromagnetic power-on brake
  • Coil housing chromated
  • Insulation class E
  • Protection class IP40
  • Torsion and cogging torque free
  • Operating voltage = 24V (special voltages on request)
  • For further information, please refer to the respective data sheet
Type Holding torque [Ncm] Coil voltage [VDC] For DC motors For EC motors
ASB32 75 24 M42, M48, M50, M63 ECM42, ECM48, ECM63
ASB40 150 24 M63, M80 ECM63, ECM75
ASB43 2.2 24 + 5% / – 10% M63, M80 ECM63, ECM75

Your brake from KAG

At KAG, you can choose your brake from six different series. All brakes are provided with a chromated coil housing and are equipped with an operating voltage of 24V and additionally possible with a special voltage on customer request. Furthermore, some brakes are optionally available with Bowden cable or a hand-release lever. The braking torques of the various types at KAG range from 24 to 150 Ncm.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have in order to find the best solution for your brake or our add-on components and your drive solution. Simply contact us, we will advise you in detail and together we will develop your individual customer solution. You will thus benefit from our wide range of services and over 40 years of experience on the market.

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