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DC & EC motor solutions with intelligent electronics from KAG

We develop, manufacture, and supply our customers with individually adapted brushless and brushed direct current motors from 2.5 W. In doing so, we have specialized in matching the drives exactly to the needs of our customers. In this way, we adapt the motor to your application – and not vice versa. Our individually tailored drives meet your requirements so that critical environmental requirements are fulfilled, your economic performance is increased or even the available installation space can be optimally utilized.


DC motors

Our brushed direct current motors (DC series) are usually available in 12V and 24V versions, but special voltages are also possible. The winding is located in the rotor/armature and the current transmission takes place via carbon brushes. The magnetic excitation is generated by means of a permanent magnet. All DC motors can be operated directly with a voltage source, or optionally with our electronics specially developed for brushed motors. The drives are characterized by optimum controllability, high overload capacity, and freedom from maintenance. All mechanical and electrical connections can be customized according to customer requirements. A reversal of the direction of rotation is possible by reversing the polarity so that all motors are designed for clockwise as well as counterclockwise rotation. In addition, all DC motors meet the insulating material class E.

EC motors

Our brushless direct current motors (EC series – EC = Electronically Commutated) are designed for operation with 24V voltage sources. The drives can be operated with separate electronics or with internal electronics specially developed by KAG. The EC motors are built with a winding in the stator, as well as with a permanent magnet excitation. They are characterized above all by a long service life, as well as freedom from maintenance, a high overload capacity, and optimum controllability. All mechanical and electrical connections can be customized according to customer requirements. Our brushless motors comply with insulation class F and can be operated in both counterclockwise and clockwise rotation with the aid of electronics.


Customised solutions made to measure!

At KAG, the focus is always on you and your requirements. Therefore, we make sure that we adapt the drives to your application and thus offer you individually suitable solutions. At the same time, the solutions for your drives also offer you many other advantages:

  • Electrical values ​​according to specific requirements
  • optimal use of installation space
  • Mechanical values ​​according to specifications
  • Environmental requirements
  • Noise and temperature requirements
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost target

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