Planetary gear units are compact gears that score with a high power density compared to other types of gears. This means that high torque transmission is provided in the smallest possible installation space. Their robust design predestines these gears for use with high protection class requirements, and the many adaptable components make it easier to select a suitable solution for your application. In addition, planetary gearheads are durable and exhibit good smoothness.

Gear With motor
P32 M36 M42 X X X X ECM35 ECM42 ECM48 X X
PK42 X M42 M48 X X X X X X X X
P42 X M42 M48 M50 X X ECM35 ECM42 ECM48 X X
PK52 X M42 M48 X M63 X X X X ECM63 X
P52 X M42 M48 M50 M63 X X ECM42 ECM48 ECM63 ECM75
P62 X X X X M63 M80 X X X ECM63 ECM75
P81 X X X X M63 M80 X X X X X

Your planetary gear from KAG

We are always available to answer any questions you may have in order to find the right gear motor for you or to discuss our add-on components and your drive solution. Simply contact us, we will advise you in detail and together we will develop your individual customer solution. You will thus benefit from our wide range of services and over 40 years of experience on the market.

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