Drives for Access Automation

Safe and reliable access

We can no longer imagine
our everyday lives without automatically opening doors and turnstiles.

No public building would go without automated door technology today. The trend to increased comfort grows stronger in private areas as well. Reliable and space-saving drive systems must be provided for this.

KAG has been successfully established with its solutions in the area of automated access systems for decades. The collected know-how and the resulting technology meets both the present and newly added requirements of our customers to our complete satisfaction.

Our solutions offer high functional safety by reduction of the resetting torques, e.g. in rotary door drives and other automatic doors, as well as better protection against damage by vandalism. Thermal monitoring elements and switches serve continuous protection of the system.

Magnetic incremental encoders and high protection types make impact-sensitive plastic housings and additional casings unnecessary.

Use of the most modern drives

Lift doors

  • Cost-efficient optical encoder
  • Tried and tested screw gear with customer-specific pulley
  • cogging-torque optimised
  • Optimal use of installation space
  • Optional auch mit integrierter Elektronik inkl. door control and monitoring functions

Rotary doors

  • Integrated RFI elements for reducing interference emission
  • Cogging-torque-optimised for manual opening of the doors in emergency

in automatic doors

  • Integrated RFI elements for reducing interference emission
  • Optimised plastic wheelset with improved efficiency and low cogging torque makes it possible to open the door even when powered off.

in person separators

  • Customer-specific pulley
  • Power-on brake for brief braking of the system in case of person separators
  • Vandalism-proof design

Passage locks

  • Interlocked motor shaft for direct assembly to the customer’s gear
  • Integrated RFI suppression element for reducing interference emission
  • Integrated power-on brake in combination with optical incremental encoder

in-room separating walls

  • Noise-optimised
  • Compact angle gear at a high reduction with high efficiency

KAG motors can be found in:

  • Sliding doors
  • Rotary doors
  • Carousel rotary doors
  • Greenhouse doors
  • Cold storage doors
  • Radiation protection doors
  • Lift doors
  • Turnstiles
  • Person airlocks
  • Passage locks
  • RWA-flaps
  • Special windows
  • Room separating walls

Your benefits as a KAG customer:

  • Manual opening in an emergency by cogging-torque-optimised automatic door drives
  • Design for long term power-off operating
  • Equipment with thermal monitoring elements to protect the system
  • Reinforced output designs to protect from vandalism
  • Checking requested switching cycles for supporting TÜV acceptance
  • Tests of the drives in dedicated climate cabinets regarding extreme environmental conditions
  • Compact drives with integrated magnetic incremental encoders
  • High protection types for avoiding additional housings

Our adjustment options:

  • Individual adjustment of the characteristic curve of the motor
  • Individual mechanical attachment
  • Various attachment components
  • Individual cables
  • IP-protection matching your application

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