Drives for Bus and rail technology

Driving mobility without barriers

The legislators demand accessible entrance in public transport such as trains or buses.

Automatically opening doors or entrance helps like sliding steps: Increasingly sophisticated systems for increased safety, comfort and integration become the general standard in the equipment of often-used means of transport.

OEM’s and operators make use of the decades of experience KAG has in the area of drive systems for bus and train technology. Our drives for use in buses and trains are designed for high vibration resistance.

In our climate cabinets, we also review the reliability of the drives in light of extreme environmental conditions. Get to know our innovative solutions. Use of state-of-the-art drives.

Use of state-of-the-art drives

in bus and railway doors

  • Reinforced vandalism-proof design
  • Vibration-resistant design of all motor components
  • Cogging-torque optimised
  • Integrated magnetic incremental encoder

in bus and railway doors

  • High performance in a slim design
  • Vibration-proof
  • Integrated RFI suppression elements for reducing interference emission

for doors in trains

  • Cogging-torque optimised
  • Noise-optimised
  • Integrated RFI suppression elements for reducing interference emission

in mirror adjustments

  • Power-on brake for maintaining the position
  • Cogging-torque optimised
  • High torque at slim design

in sanding systems

  • High protection class IP 65
  • Special gear with customer-specific flange for direct assembly
  • Integrated electronics with die-cast housing and separate CAN-bus interface
  • Special cable according to DIN 5510 / EN 45545

in switchgear

  • Special development design for 48 V, 72 V, and 110 V by multi-part collector
  • Integrated RFI suppression elements for reducing interference emission
  • Compact screw gear

KAG motors can be found in:

  • Bus and railway doors
  • Sliding steps
  • Access ramps
  • Doors for sanitary facilities in trains
  • Switchgear
  • Sanding systems
  • Mirror adjustment
  • Auxiliary compressors

Your benefits as a KAG customer:

  • Testing on close-to-series application test benches
  • Tests of the drives in dedicated climate cabinets regarding extreme environmental conditions
  • Testing the vibration resistance on our electrodynamic oscillation system
  • Compact drives with integrated magnetic incremental encoders
  • High protection types for avoiding additional housings

Our adjustment options:

  • Individual adjustment of the characteristic curve of the motor
  • Individual mechanical attachment
  • Various attachment components
  • Individual cables
  • IP-protection matching your application

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