DC motor M50

Brushed DC motor with permanent magnets
Lead wires
Closed zinc-plated housing with sintered bearing flanges
Direction of rotation CW / CCW
Powerrange in continuous operation approx.: 32 W
Multiple combination possibilities with gears, encoders, and brakes

Standard types

Types M50x28/I M50x65/I
Nominal voltage [V_DC] [V_DC] (24 V) (24 V)
Nominal torque [Ncm] [Ncm] 11 18
Nominal speed [1/min] [1/min] 2800 2900
Nominal current [A] 1.85 3
Output power [W] 32 55
Rise of speed-characteristic [1/min / Ncm] [1/min / Ncm] 59 28
Torque constant [Ncm / A] [Ncm / A] 6.6 6.5
Rotor inertia [gcm²] [gcm²] 175 413
Weight [kg] [kg] 0 0
Length L [mm] [mm] 91 126


data sheet
DC motor M50x28
DC motor M50x65

DC motor M50x28 (.stp file format)
DC motor M50x65 (.stp file format)

Note on 3D data and models

(Step models from version AP214 – older version on request)

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