Brushed DC motor with permanent magnets
Ball bearings
Lead wires
Closed zinc-plated housing with sintered bearing flanges
Direction of rotation CW / CCW
Powerrange in continuous operation approx.: 9 W
Multiple combination possibilities with gears, encoders, and brakes

Standard types

Nominal voltage [V_DC](12 V)(24 V)(12 V)(24 V)
Nominal torque [Ncm]3344
Nominal speed [1/min]2900290034003200
Nominal current [A]1.40.621.840.86
Output power [W]991413
Rise of speed-characteristic [1/min / Ncm]350333263213
Torque constant [Ncm / A]
Rotor inertia [gcm²]38385353
Weight [kg]
Length L [mm]60607070


Download Data Sheets

Brush DC Motor M36x20_I_12
Brush DC Motor M36x20_I_24
Brush DC Motor M36x30_I_12

Download 3D-Models (Step-models from version AP214 - Older Versions on request)

Brush DC Motor M36x20_I_12
Brush DC Motor M36x30_I_12
Brush DC Motor M36x30_I_24