4-pole rotor with plastic-bonded magnets NdFeB
Threefold winding connected in delta
Internal Hall sensors for rotor position detection offset by 120°
Closed aluminum housing with aluminum bearing flanges
Direction of rotation CW / CCW
Power range in continuous operation approx.: 10 W
Multiple combination possibilities with gears, encoders, and brakes

Standard types

Types ECM35x20/I ECM35x30/I
Nominal voltage [V_DC] (24 V) (24 V)
Nominal torque [Ncm] 2.5 4
Nominal speed [1/min] 3800 3600
Nominal current [A] 0.91 1.08
Output power [W] 10 15
Rise of speed-characteristic [1/min / Ncm] 740 450
Torque constant [Ncm / A] 3.2 4.2
Rotor inertia [gcm²] 4.6 6.2
Weight [kg] 0.25 0.3
Length L [mm] 72 82


Data sheet:
EC motor ECM35x20
EC motor ECM35x30

EC motor ECM35x20 (.stp file format)
EC motor ECM35x30 (.stp file format)

Note on 3D data and models

(Step models from version AP214 – older version on request)

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