Planetary gearboxes / DC Motors with brushes

In this area you will find information on our serial program of planetary gearboxes. An outline of the performance data of this kind of gearboxes is given in the chart below. In order to find the compatible combination of gearbox and motor, please use the following menu by choosing the type of planetary gearbox first. In the second step select a compatible motor.

Gearbox type with motor Torque
ratio range
PKS30M28M32 X X X X X X 20025-308
P32IM28M32M36M42M48 X X X 754-308
PK42I X X X M42M48 X X X 804-308
P42I X X X M42M48M50 X X 7504-308
PK52I X X X M42M48 X M63 X 5007-308
P52I X X X M42M48M50M63 X 4004-308
P62I X X X X M48 X M63M808004-308
P81I X X X X X X M63M8060004-308