Product News: new M50 range and M80 12V High Performance Version

M50 range

With the additional motor sizes M50x28/I and M50x65/I, KAG is introducing two motors in addition to the existing product program, which close the power gap between the M48 range and M63 range. The new M50x65/I motor provides a 7% higher output power, compared to the M48x60/I and even reaches the output power of an M63x40/I motor. Therefore, the choices of an optimal motor for customer applications requiring power of about 50 W have been effectively extended.


M80x80 in a 12 V – High Performance Version

Kählig Antriebstechnik has extended the M80x80/I with a 12V-version with a higher power output. Until now a rotation speed of only 1,800 rpm with 70 Ncm could be produced. Now KAG have the opportunity to provide a 12V-winding, which delivers a rotation speed of 2,800 rpm and a torque with 70 Ncm.